Hunting Trip

There are just two different types of hunting trips; ones which are ones and a day trip which you keep overnight. You will undoubtedly want camping gear if you’re planning on staying overnight in the woods.

Unless you are doing your hunting in an extremely safe and very dry place, youwill need to sleep in a tent during the nighttime. Tents ware hunting camping supplies which could be established and taken down pretty readily. They may be water resistant it rains. Basically, tents don’t have any padding and are only a sailcloth dome, so be ready to sleep on an extremely hard surface. This is actually the most essential thing you need to purchase. Naturally , you can not only sleep in a tent. You will need a sleeping bag, also. Make sure you get a sleeping bag that’s created to fit your physique. Then you definitely may need to splurge on a twice sized sleeping bag in the event a big guy you.

You will need get a sleeping bag that’s large enough for you to be cozy in, if you’re prone to claustrophobia. In addition, sleeping bags’ quality varies considerably depending on cost. The least expensive sleeping bags are not quite comfy at all. If you’re interested in having a cozy night’s slumber, then you definitely need to spend the additional bit of cash.

You always need to carry a utility knife beside you on these expeditions. These may be helpful for a variety of jobs. You may make use of a utility knife to cut wood up . It’s possible for you to use it to cut on some other thing or opening packaging. They’re called utility knives since they are quite useful and could be utilized in a variety of manners. One thing ought to be the utility knife if you’re going to just bring it beside you on your own journey. You may make use of the knife to skin in before cooking a rabbit should you shoot it to eat for dinner.

23 Comments to Hunting Trip

  1. This is a GREAT video!
    The story lines are great, you’ve mixed it up with action,
    patience(waiting), and hero shots.
    I like that you’ve added Oz wildlife in there, which is bloody nice to see.
    I wish you success in your future hunts, and your future video editing.

  2. I find it interesting that most of the hunter haters don’t go bush a lot or
    if the person was to go bush it would be to a nice place with paths and
    tracks maintained by nat parks people,Years ago i was an anti hunter and as
    i aged and started going bush by my self to places where there are no
    tracks i saw a big fricking mess left by feral animals that us people
    introduced some one has to clean up that mess,so if your sitting in your
    nice suburban home and go camping to the local dam once a year at Easter im
    guessing you dont know what your talking about,Good on them for helping to
    eradicate ferals that are mucking the place up. 

  3. No protected species were harmed in the making of this video, we only kill
    for fun unprotected species, or what did you think?

  4. Everyone complaining about the animals being killed just don’t watch the
    damn video , btw they kill animals the for the meat you eat just remember 

  5. you shot a goat, and chopped the legs off. how’d they taste that night?
    some nice looking rugs on those goats. I’ve decided to bread Boar goats
    instead of sheep. shame they got loose in the wild, though very tasty
    healthy meat.

  6. 0:46 damm that goat got a big dick

    did you mount it on your wall lmao

  7. Yankee fucking idiots I shoot them in the ass for not spoil the face, hasi
    their families sepultaris with memories

  8. Good work mate, don’t worry about all the do-gooders here trying to bring
    you down, clearly they don’t understand the damage wild goats-pigs do to
    the Australian ecosystem.

    What sort of caliber is that lever action that you are using to shoot the
    goat with earlier in the film?

  9. to all you greenie tree huggers, there are some species that are considered
    a pest in Australia. They include wild goats, pigs, camels, asian water
    buffalo. Kangaroo could be added with some conditions. Great job guys and

  10. What a beautiful country we live in, and you guys are doing a great job
    keeping these harmful pest down. Goats, pigs and other introduced species
    are doing millions of dollars of damage to our lands and native animals.
    Great Vid

  11. These feral animals are destroying the bush keep it up. Where I live we
    have a cat plague can you believe that.

  12. If only more responsible people went out and did this (shoot only feral
    species) our struggling native species would have half a chance. Would love
    to see a lot more feral cats shot though. Don’t get me wrong, i like cats,
    but can not stand what feral ones have done to our native fauna. 

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