Suggestions for Trout Fishing and How to Catch the Big Ones

Go fishing in the wild, if you really wish to become a well-known trout fisherman, at least according to yourself. Besides being more grueling, this is quite unlike going to a hatchery to fish for trout. In other words, you are going fishing for wild game, instead of fish that have been cared for while being raised.

For newbie trout fishermen, one of the most testing things is learning where the trout like to congregate. One way to increase this is to up your knowledge and increase your grasp on the function of the water temperature. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water that trout require is higher than for other kinds of fish. When it comes to the dissolved oxygen concentration, water and surface action have a really big part. If they can acquire the amount of oxygen they necessitate, some trout, such as rainbow and brown with tolerate higher water temperatures. Supposing the water is warmer, you should look for a spot that has a current moving.

Ordinarily, you can search for stirs and ripples that transpire because of the moving current. These spots have a greater amount of oxygen and sometimes the sort of trout you’re going after. You may not think that moon phases will affect trout but it does, and you can find high activity when the moon is in the right places in its phases. Not surprisingly, you will need to be either fishing, on the water or really close to it if you want to reap the rewards. Weather is another factor that affects fish and trout in particular. You’ll have to learn about weather conditions and how they will influence the dissolved oxygen in the water. Plus, it is harder to go after trout on a bright and sunny, clear-blue sky kind of day. Because of their strong senses, you might be blown away at how simple it is for them to hear and see you coming. They can see you up on the bank, so you should be as silent as you can be and of course try not to be seen by them.

The hooks you use are another area where you can get better results. Here’s the secret. Experienced fishers, who are successful, have learned that live worms on gang hooks are a great combination. There are additional tips and techniques you can use with this type of rig. Try using multiple gang hooks with your live worms. The next step is easy. Cast your set up into the water and let it flow with the current. This is an easy way for a successful response by the trout. If you don’t have a current – for example in a lake – gang hook rigs can still be used with success. When fishing for trout with gang hooks under these circumstances, you would switch to a specially made bait called floating bait.

With the exception of that, you will have to learn more about how to fish for trout. Plus, there is a wide range of books and DVDs on the market. Of course, nothing measures up to the plain old experience of getting out there and dropping your fishing line in the water. You will have a number of failed attempts and even some days where you go home without having seen any activity. But you’ve still gained a little more education in the process.

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