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Regardless of which type of journey tour that you just take, there are a number of matters which you will constantly have to be concerned with. Nevertheless, even if an encounter feels like a dream, you have to make use of some common sense about cruise ship security, in order that you keep your things safe and will remain safe.

This demonstrates you which you should take your cruise ship security seriously. This consists of using common sense in actions which you take part in and keeping your valuables safe. While you’re on board, if a theft happens, you’ll discover an investigation can be very complicated because of how at least three distinct bureaus involved. This includes the bureaus where the passenger is from where the enrollment of the boat occurred, and where the boat is sailing. This makes the procedure for solving a crime very hard and investigating a crime. Actually , the procedure is sometimes so overwhelming that folks simply give up.

The most significant matter which you must do would be to create a record of what you’re bringing with you in your holiday cruise. This may help you in the event you believe something has been stolen. You may need to create a record of all your bank account and credit card numbers, in order you are going to have record of the in the event of larceny, also. You may need to make a record of the phone numbers so that when they’re stolen, you can call them readily without needing to hunt for phone numbers to keep on you, yet.

A wallet areas in your back pocket may be stolen without you understanding, and so you’ll desire to be sure you use safer methods to take your cash. You would like to not draw your cash your in public in order you won’t advertising yourself for a larceny.

These security ideas must not be something you have not considered or thought about. Anytime that you’re to a resort hotel or on a holiday, while it’s a cruise, you need to be worried about keeping your possessions as well as you safe so you could take advantage of your trip tour. You can help your holiday to go easily and enjoyably by following these simple ideas. Is not that what you desire and desire?

25 Comments to Cruise Vacation

  1. GamerShoter707 says:

    Great video 

  2. jhambrick27 says:

    Love this video!!Thinking of taking my 16 year old son…where did U rent
    the four wheelers from?? Thanks so very much for making this!!

  3. mikayla owens says:

    Anybody who wants to go on a cruise this is your cruise ship. It is great
    for all ages,
    So many things to do, great food, and the crew is so nice. This is the best

  4. Olga Kuk says:

    Wow! Best video i’ve seen in a while! Great job and awesome shots! 

  5. Jessycah V says:

    Did you use a GoPole? I’m going on a cruise in February and I’m not sure if
    I should purchase a GoPole or not? I feel like they might be too heavy or
    annoying to carry around? Anyone know?

  6. xophrenic24 says:

    Great video! You’re footage of Maho Beach was fantastic! It’s on my bucket
    list to visit!

  7. leefuji says:

    17:32 those heads hitting the ground ouuuchhh hahaa. looks super fun

  8. Alicia Detweiler says:

    Awesome video! I’m going to the southern caribbean in a cruise in March and
    just got a gopro. I can’t wait to use it! Just out of curiosity, what size
    memory card did you use? Did you film a lot and did you find yourself
    deleting footage while on the ship or were you able to store everything and
    go through it all once you got home?
    I’m just nervous I won’t have the space :/
    Sorry for all the questions…also what are the different accessories you
    used for the trip?
    Thanks so much!

  9. lois l says:

    thank you so much for posting this video. you have put my mind at ease. you
    and friends look like you had a blast. i will be sailing with royal
    caribbean for first time sept 5th, 2015.

  10. Javier Entenza says:

    Awasome video. We are from Argentina and we are going in May 15. Can you
    make a list of the the excursions in the islands so i’m not waste my time?
    I have the same gopro and gopole so my promise is that i will bit you.
    Thanks and congratulations.

  11. Gabriella Bank says:

    Awesome video! We are on the Allure next week same route, thanks for the

  12. Lib Taylor says:

    OMG, 29:53 is that on the boat or apart of an excursion? Please tell me the
    details! Great video by the way. Did you do all the editing by yourself?

  13. Brittani McKay says:

    You guys look like you had a lot of fun!! You made me (even more) excited
    for my cruise this April!!

  14. Zeffers716 says:

    Did you really go to that beach next to the airport? If you did, where was

  15. KH353493 says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video! Watching helps pass the time until
    our vacation on Oasis of the seas! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks
    again 🙂 

  16. Bonnie Creevy says:

    Which GoPro did you use? I rented the original one last trip and inside it
    was too fisheye. This looks great.

  17. David Rodriguez-Deming says:

    Hacked Sack Dance is great. U guys look like you had a amazing time. 

  18. Helen Reinsvold says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!!!!! What did you think of the Oasis? I’m
    wanting to plan a cruise (6th one 🙂 for mine and my hubby’s 25th
    anniversary and I want to bring our kids too. Daughter 23, sons 20 and
    18. Unfortunately for them, they don’t know how to loosen up like their
    parents do 😉 So I want a ship that has something for kids between 18 to
    21. They used to go in the teen clubs and always made friends that way but
    now they’re too old to go in there any more but too young for the clubs.
    My kids aren’t SUPER out going unless they are with their own friends, then
    they let loose but I don’t want them to get bored on the cruise cuz they
    only have each other to hang with. And my husband and I certainly don’t
    want them around us all the time! Hehe jk 😉 Anyway, I also need to buy a
    new camera, I bought a new Nikon coolpix AW 110 for our last cruise and
    some AH HEM store clerk in St. Lucia (at Pirana Joes) stole mine on day
    four of our cruise with all my video footage. Can’t even tell you how
    UNBELIEVABLY ticked off I was! This time I’m buying two cameras and a
    different sd card to switch out each day cuz we all already bring way too
    much luggage to tote along my laptop. Alas I need a replacement. I chose
    the coolpix cuz it was waterproof and could take pics and videos. Can the
    gopro do that too? And can it take pics WHILE videoing as well? Any info
    would be great! And Thanks for posting the awesome video btw! P.S. Isn’t
    Maho Beach the best?! It blends my two favorite things, cruises and

  19. Jugi says:

    Finland builds the best ships:D And awesome video! Would love to go there:)
    But money is an issue:/

  20. xashleykamix says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I’d love to go on a cruise one day.
    What did you guys think of The Atlantis Resort? It looks beautiful! 

  21. Specific Angle says:

    Hi I made a YouTube video of my trip as well (but not as professionally
    videoed like yours) and went on the Oasis of the Seas two weeks ago…did
    you guys go on the Sundeck (the windy area)?

  22. Jay W. Hat says:

    Wow thats a nice cruise ship

  23. Grace Ballenger says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was not looking forward to this cruise
    because I’ve never been on one and I thought it was going to be lame. But
    now I am so excited!! 

  24. Drew Lukondi says:

    How did you edit all of this? Any special settings on the GoPro you used?
    Pretty awesome job!

  25. iDRUEs says:

    When you were walking around and filming the shops, did you just hold the
    GoPro with your hand or did you use some stabilizer/pole.

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